“I started Ron Hanks Design to try to focus on, and excelling at the portion of the project that I work on and I love the most, [the design.]”

Ron Hanks is a native northern New Mexican with roots deep in design and architecture. He began designing floor plans of houses when spending time with his grandmother as a child. His designs would take shape in drawings, or as Lego models. He took inspiration from going and seeing different houses, and then drawing up copies later.

Ron attended school in Washington DC and then in New Mexico at the University of New Mexico studying business and design. Since then He has worked in various occupations, but always seemed to be drawn back into the design industry.

He was finally set in the industry when Ron and his brother Chris Hanks began Hanks House, a design firm for custom luxury cabinetry in 1994. Since then, Ron has been involved in the luxury home industry, designing for high end projects and has been awarded for his many successes.

In 2013 Ron began his new design company, Ron Hanks Design. His new venture focuses on the design of a project instead of the manufacturing process.

The mission of Ron Hanks Design is to infer what fits the clients’ needs aesthetically, as well as functionally, giving them the best value possible for every project.

Ron Hanks Design has a long history in the design and manufacturing field. This really comes across in our processes and procedures, and our fine-tuned attention to detail, composition, flow and layout. Design is what drives us, and we strive to bring out the beauty of every space we touch.

“I just wanted you to know that the kitchen is our favorite room. Also everyone who visits makes a very positive comment about the kitchen. Bob loves the kitchen so much he is doing a lot of cooking. We appreciate all of the work that you did.”
– Bob & Michelle