DIY logoIt’s 2015, and they DIY spirit has been making leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Many people are striking out and grabbing projects by the horns. I have seen DIY instructables ranging from how to color block paint mason jars, to how to create furniture on the cheap. Well today we are promoting that DIY spirit, but focusing on making your experience a bit easier. Here is our top 10 home improvement DIY tips. Let’s go.
  • Tip #1: Don't instantly throw out those fake pre-approved credit cards you get in the mail. Save them! You can use them as glue spreaders or even shims on your next project!
  • Tip #2: If you are driving screws into hardwood, do this first. To avoid stripping out the hole, lubricate the screw with wax or soap!
  • Tip #3: double sided carpet tape works great for temporarily fastening templates without leaving screw or nail holes.
  • Tip #4: if you happen to ding your wood in the course of a project, use a wet cloth and a clothes iron to steam out the dent.
  • #5: Be sure to save that old electric carving knife. It's a great foam saw for upholstery projects.
  • Tip #6: When painting a surface that needs to be primed first, like new drywall or wood, tint the primer to match the finish coat. It reduces your painting project from three coats to two.
  • Tip #7: Sand the face of your hammer head with sandpaper to help the hammer grip the nail and prevent the nail head from slipping!
  • #9: If you wrap paint rollers and brushes in plastic bags between coats, it keeps them full of paint and prevents them from drying out. Saves you a potentially big mess!
and finally…
  • #10: If you aren't confident about doing that electrical or plumbing project, leave it to the professionals. It's more expensive to repair later if it wasn't done correctly, and could potentially be dangerous.
What about you? What tips or tricks have you used in your DIY projects? Let us know! We may feature them in our next Top-ten DIY tip list!